Links to resources i find useful. 

Consultants Mind is one of the premier blogs that i follow and has rich content on management consulting. The blog provides not only in depth analysis of the industry but also pointers and “how to guides” on the subject. The blog is written by a seasoned consultant who has worked for both fortune 500 and big 4 consulting firms.


Adioma is all about presenting information visually and a way readers can easily understand. The authors argue that “60% of the world population are visual learners”; people who think in pictures and communicate those pictures using words. The blog illustrates different visual analogies and outlines how to choose the right analogy.


As you can tell from the name, Harvard Business Review is a product of Harvard University. The Harvard Business Review is a general management magazine that strives to provide insights and best practices to professionals and covers topics that include entreprenuership, innovation, strategy and other emerging buseinss topics.

Value Based is a comprehensive library of learning materials that explain management methods, models and theories on strategy, performance, finance, valuation, change, corporate governance, communication, marketing, leadership and responsibility with links to additional resources in the field.