The ‘Special’ Plane (Part 1)

Some where in this world today there is a captain with a special plane. One that got rehabilitated after being out of service for over two decades. It has been on the ground for many years and only God knows if all of its original components are in the right place. This plane, just like any other plane, is carrying passengers and crew members as it takes on the skies every day. The captain of the plane is responsible for the safety and welfare of the passengers, the plane and the crew, and at the same time he has to steer and direct the plane towards its final destination. The expectations are high. The passengers are tired. Less progress was made over their years and people expect big results now.

The plane has taken off and is in the air. It is heading towards the right destination, and the views – though far – look promising but there are challenges. Some of the passengers don’t like the progress and want to reverse the course. Some folks on the ground don’t like the plane flying at all and want to bring it down. Some times, the plane flies over unfriendlier skies, and it risks being shot down. And as you can imagine turbulence are occurrences of the day. In addition to that, sometimes it has technical glitches – glitches that the captain, the crew and those on board may not have the technical expertise to fix. And if they do, they may not even agree on the solution.

Any plane on the sky today faces the challenges the captain faces however the one this captain is piloting is different from the planes in the sky in few ways. First, this plane is bigger than thousands of today’s planes combined and carries close to 15 million people. Unlike other planes, there is only one of its kind and can’t be replaced. Future generations expect this plane to work when they come to this world. It has to be serviced while it’s flying.

The captain and the crew of the plane can be changed, has changed and will change, but what will remain are the passengers, the plane, it’s brand and the challenges in the skies. The only way it can be safely routed towards its final prosperous destination is if the captain, crew and passengers work together. It’s the only legacy and plane they will leave behind for their future children. One unique thing about planes is that they only have one cockpit. One captain should fly this plane at a time. Those on board, should buckle up and follow the instructions of the captain and the crew. They are working in the best interest of the plane and the passengers. Crew members should attend to the needs of the passengers on time and give priority to the elderly, children and other needy people. Everyone should be ready for the bumbs along the way as the plane flies over areas with high turbulences and should put on earplugs if they hear the noise of the plane – it’s a system noise and will go away once it gets to a cruising point.

From the cockpit, though far, the captain can see the final destination. He says it’s beautiful. Will they get there? Will they pass the plane intact and better than they found it to future generations?