Five Characteristics of Winning Teams

In today’s fast moving complex business environments, winning teams are essential to the success of businesses and to create an environment conducive for growth, learning and optimum for business operations.

Trust, healthy conflict (debate), commitment to each other and accountability are critical elements for teams to be productive and produce positive results.

According to the 5 dysfunctions of a team by the table group, higher level of discipline is required to create a team that is functional and cohesive.

Tips to having a successful team

  • Encourage team members to ask for help and discuss their limitations
  • Maximize the team member’s skills and experiences
  • Avoid wasting time talking about what went wrong and revisiting past issues
  • Put critical topics on the agenda and have collaborative discussions to address them
  • Align the team around the organization vision and common objectives
  • Empower team members and recognize their contribution

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